Make the jump from eCommerce seller to legitimate brand owner.

You decide what your products look like, and we bring them to life. Truly WOW your customers with a personalized and unforgettable offline-alike shopping experience with engaging brand visuals and a satisfying unboxing experience.

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Why build a brand at all?

An online store isn't a serious business until a unique and eye-catching brand is created. Ensure that you stand out from competition with unforgettable visuals and a top-notch shopping experience.

Raise the bar

The low-entry bar of eCommerce industry makes the competition fierce. Impress your consumer with pleasant unboxing experience so that they come back for more.

Nurture loyal customers

A personal touch of a thank-you card can be the secret weapon to create returning customers and generate growing communities.

Maximize revenue

Customers are willing to pay more for unique, personal experiences. 5x your revenue with unique products that they cannot find anywhere else.

Exit strategy

Private label stores have a higher evaluation. A brand makes your store worth more to potential buyers.

The recipe for cooking a 5-star branded dropshipping store

Customization and private label, to any level you want.

From simply a thank-you card that matches your store style to fully customized and molded product, trust KachingHub to elevate your store. Trust it with KachingHub to negotiate with factories to get you white labels, low MOQs at jaw-dropping prices.

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The express shipping that your customers deserve.

Your customers expect to receive their products fast. With KachingHub's fulling-tracked shipping and US warehouse solution, your winning products can get delivered as fast as 4 days.

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Achieve a healthy business with a professional team

Successful branding is more complex than just adding a logo. Yet, it could be a bit scary to have to deal with procurement, inventory management, and customer satisfaction - all while scaling a successful business. That's exactly why KachingHub is here help to make sure things don't go south!

Sustainable business is made where there are endless ideas.

Our team is in tight communication with factories, and your Account Manager will always share with you latest product catalogs and hand-picked potential viral products - handpicked just for you.

With KachingHub,
creating a brand has never been easier.
Now is the time to build and grow your brand with the right team!